Our Extraordinary Ethos

We believe your style is the greatest style. Your rules are the only ones to live by and that your story should be the favourite one of them all. 

We love curating our products to celebrate how unique and beautiful you are. 

This is the Punk & Poodle ethos and hope this shines through in what we do. But if you need more reasons to help you decide if we are right for you, here are our five promises...

No. 1

We're small with a big heart.

We believe in exemplary customer service because your happiness is our number one. We might be a small business but we love to exceed your expectations and if something is wrong, we want to make it right.  

No. 2

We choose quality over quantity.

We are very particular about the products we curate and the suppliers we work with so you can be confident that the item you receive is one that we only consider worthy in our own home. After all, better quality creates more love and less landfill. 

No. 3

We're a safe pair of hands.

We give your orders a big hug so you can be confident that they won't end up in an internet black hole. We handle your order and personal information with care and aim to dispatch the majority of orders within 24 hours (dispatch times may take longer during busy seasons).

No. 4

We offer gift wrapping.

We are one of very few businesses of its kind to offer gift wrapping for our products. We also hand pack all our orders in house (that's right, no fulfilment centres used here). Quite simply, we love making your orders look pretty. 

No. 5

We love our planet. 

We use as much sustainable material as we can in our packaging and work with suppliers who are part of the eco-alliance community.


No. 6

We're afraid to be the same.

We're not afraid to be different from the crowd but that means pushing boundaries and stepping outside even our own comfort zone. We are vulnerable, ever learning, ever growing and inspired by the fabulous you! 

Thank you for supporting our #smallbusiness.